I work from photographs sent to me by clients that want to commission me for a drawing or painting.  I need a very detailed and color correct photograph to make a drawing or painting that is of high quality. I work from many photos to get the right feel, color and pose that is wanted from my clients.  I work in colored pencil or acrylics.  

If there are any questions please do contact me and I will get back as soon as possible. 

These prices are for just one  single subject. We can talk more about another subject in the drawing with a price adjustment. 

Colored Pencil prices

9" X 12" finished dimension    $ 170

11" X 14" finished dimension   $ 190

16" X 20" finished dimension   $ 295

​Red Cat  done in Colored Pencil

        Detroit done in Acrylics 

Acrylic prices

11" X !4"  dimension  $195

16" X 20" dimension  $ 300